Obama Refuses to Give Up his Dictatorship

Socialism is not the Answer

Gulag Bound

First and foremost, let me disabuse both Marxist Democrats and RINOs of the notion that the Republicans were elected so that they could compromise and get along with the Dems to enact legislation. That is not what occurred 4 November 2014. These elections–both nationwide and states’ wide–were a repudiation and condemnation of big government, big spending, the US “progressive” (aka “Alinskyite”) movement and–of course–Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama; both his policies and him personally. In other words, the American people finally awakened from their long and dissatisfying slumber.

Proving once again the will of the American voters means less than nothing to him, Obama almost immediately announced that his replacements-for-the-American-people-with-his-illegal-aliens will proceed. He is substituting the current majority and minority ethnic races in the USA–the ones who finally woke up and saw the real writing on the wall–with his unschooled illegals from Central America and beyond. And, in case…

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