As Ferguson burns – Tea Party Nation

As Ferguson burns – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Yesterday evening, the District Attorney in St. Louis, a hard line, left wing Democrat, announced there would be no charges brought against Darren Wilson.  Wilson is the police officer who shot a killed robber Michael Brown back in August.



As soon as the announcement was made, Ferguson exploded.



After all, nothing says you are outraged about a miscarriage of justice like looting big screen TVs, cellphones and expensive sneakers.



Let’s cut straight to the chase.  This case has always been about race.  If Darren Wilson had been a black officer, no one would have given this case the time of day.   Darren Wilson was a police officer with a good employment record. 



Michael Brown was a thug.



Darren Wilson answered the call from the citizens of his community hundreds of times, never knowing what might be coming and never knowing if the day he went into work might be the day he did not come home.



Michael Brown was a gang banger. He was a 6’4’’, 300 pound man who had just robbed a store.



And the evidence said one thing: self defense.



Don’t forget, the grand jury was given the opportunity to hear from a pathologist hired by the thug’s family.  They heard all of the evidence.



Of course none of that was good enough for the left and the racial grievance industry.  Racists Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Eric Holder rushed to the scene.   The only issue to determine guilt in this case was race.  It was the race of Darren Wilson and the race of Michael Brown.



Change the races of the parties and the racial grievance industry doesn’t care.  If Michael Brown had not been black, Al Sharpton could not raise money off of his death. 



Barack Obama, the race baiter in chief, had to get on TV after the announcement from the District Attorney’s office.  He called for the police to show “restraint.”



The police?



The rioters are burning down buildings, looting, throwing objects that can kill and the idiot in chief wants the police to show restraint?



The racist rioters have threatened to kill police officers and according to some media reports, some police family members are in hiding, in fear of the racist rioters.



While Ferguson burns, another police shooting goes ignored because it doesn’t fit the left wing narrative.  In South Salt Lake Utah, an unarmed man named Dillon Taylor was shot and killed by a police officer. Taylor was white and the officer was black.



Has CNN devoted any coverage to this shooting?


No.  It does not fit the liberal narrative that all black men are victims and all white men are oppressors. 


One St. Louis (Democrat) politician called this their “race war.”  She is one of the reasons why it is a race war.



Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and Barack Obama are all reasons this is a race war.  They have all encouraged it.  They have all stoked the fires.  They have done everything to make this happen.


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  1. genkasim says:

    Emotional hysteria , even when justified should not be an excuse to overlook the facts and give the case a racial twist . The whole affair is tragic for both sides , especially for Brown’s family , but why focus on race ? why ?

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