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All the lies about bad carbon, climate change, Arctic ice melting and dead polar bears finally caught up with the Enviro-nazis. subsidies are being cut in Germany.

German Renewable Energy Company Announces Insolvency: “Victim Of Changed Feed-In Act Conditions”

Last Wednesday Seva Energie AG, located at the north German Ecopark in Emstek, announced insolvency. According to company 160 employees are affected. The news is the latest blow to the German renewable energy sector, which has seen a long string of similar insolvencies due to reduced subsidies and strong competition from abroad.

Seva Energie is specialized in thermal power stations, biogas and fuels.

The north German daily Münsterländische Tageszeitung here writes that the company is a “victim of the changed feed-in act conditions“. Especially hard hit was the company’s biogas systems area, which earlier had been massively supported through government subsidies…

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