North Korea is purging the disabled, mentally ill.

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Ghastly tales are surfacing from North Korea’s defectors that the government is methodically purging its disabled, dwarfs and mentally ill population from the public by subjecting them to castration and chemical and biological weapons testing.

Beginning with the very young, the North Korean government will offer to purchase the children from the parents.

If that fails, the family is threatened.

Left to die, the government justifies their actions by accusing the disabled of “hurting the dignity” of the ruling elites.

Ji Seong-ho, 32, who escaped after he himself suffered horrific treatment after losing a leg and hand, said the Kim Jong-un’s regime felt ‘humiliated’ by them.

He claims babies with mental and physical disabilities are routinely snatched from hospitals and left to suffer ‘indescribable things’ until they die.

Two other defectors also told him of a village in a remote mountain region that had been effectively turned into an…

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One Response to North Korea is purging the disabled, mentally ill.

  1. Probably coming to the UK soon.
    It’s all but open government warfare against the poor, sick, disabled, and unemployed here.

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