Obama’s Amnesty Decree In Trouble As Bush Judicial Appointee To Hear States’ Challenge

Nice Deb

While  the crummy cromnibus passed,  pleasing virtually no one, there are some bright spots on the horizon.

A coalition of 20 states led by Gregg Abbot have won the first round in court in their case against Emperor Obama’s Amnesty Decree. The case  could have gone to a Clinton appointee, but instead, it “landed in the lap of Judge Andrew S. Hanen, a Bush appointee who issued a scorching rebuke to the Department of Homeland Security last year, accusing it of refusing to follow border security laws.”

It could hardly have been a worse outcome for Mr. Obama, who, in order to preserve his policy, will now have to convince a judge who is on record calling his previous, less-extensive nondeportation policies “dangerous and unconscionable.”

“It’s the Constitution itself that is under assault by the president of the United States by this executive order,” Mr. Abbott told NBC’s…

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