The Progressives Are Reviving The KKK – Tea Party Nation

The Progressives Are Reviving The KKK – Tea Party Nation.

 Posted by David Lee Malone

I just read one of the most absurd, straw grasping, erroneously researched articles I’ve read in a while, and that’s saying a lot. Notre Dame’s Rory McVeigh, Brandeis’s David Cunningham, and Yale’s Justin Farrell looked at county-level presidential voting data from 1960 to 2000 in ten southern states, and coded each county based on whether a Klan chapter was established there between 1964 and 1966, when the organization was growing in response to the Johnson administration and Warren Court’s increased vigilance on civil rights.

It is their assumption that the shift from the solidly held Democrat stronghold of the South, to the 180 degree transformation to Republicans by the year 2000, was strongly influenced by the KKK. This is such hogwash that anyone with one good eye and half-sense can see right through it and refute it with a few minutes of research.

They even have a map that delineates the counties where they proclaim the GOP were beneficiaries of the actions of the Klan. It just so happened that my county was depicted on this map. My family has resided in this county since 1835 and I have spent my entire life here. While there was a small Klan presence when I was a child in the 1960’s and an even smaller number in the 1970’s, Republicans were as scarce as hen’s teeth. I would say that the vast majority of these hood donning fools, if not all, were Democrats, as were all the local politicians. Our county voted predominately Democrat in all national elections until the 1980 Reagan Revolution. So, their assumption in my county is definitely wrong.

The article goes on to say; “The researchers wanted to capture the role that the Klan organizations themselves played, which is a tricky methodological problem to solve. There are a lot of other reasons why some counties might have seen more growth in support for Republicans, some of which could also explain the presence of a Klan chapter. For example, maybe a county that’s just particularly racist both was fertile ground for the Klan and was less likely to vote for Democrats when they started backing civil rights — both had the same cause, but the Klan chapter didn’t cause the increase in Republican support.”

So, it’s either racism in the form of opposition to The Civil Rights Act or the actions of the Klan. It couldn’t possibly be the fact that most southerners are fiscal conservatives that were sick and tired of the socialist policies that began with FDR but were greatly exacerbated by LBJ.

Well, let’s look at a few facts. Who were the biggest opponents of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? The Democrats, of course. In the House 38% of Democrats opposed the legislation with only 19% of the GOP voting against. In the Senate 32% of Dems opposed and again, 19% of Republicans. Not to mention the fact that Democrat and Klan organizer Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia filibustered for over 14 hours.  The law of course was passed, but the major opposition came from those who now decry racism every time a Republican makes a statement of any kind. It’s the most powerful tool in the socialist arsenal, with the GOP’s  war mongering and their affinity for filthy water and smog filled air following closely behind.

Let’s continue with some more facts. In my home state of Alabama there wasn’t a Republican governor for 112 years. (1874-1986). In Mississippi it was 118 years (1874-1992), Georgia 130 years (1872-2002), South Carolina 104 years (1874-1978). I won’t bore you with statistics from all the southern states, but you get the idea.

My last article was about how some on the Left want to give up on the South entirely and let the GOP have what in their view is a bunch of Bible thumpin’, gun totin’,cousin marryin’, tobacco chewin’, rednecks. If we in the South could only be so lucky. But, I guess there are still those who must come up with every conceivable reason, no matter how cock-eyed, to explain why we in the South just won’t accept big-government collectivism. Neither do those in the West (until you reach the Pacific Coast). Progressive Liberals, most of whom spend the majority of their productive years either isolated in elite academia or inside the bubble of the fantasy land known as Washington, D.C., believe they are intellectually and morally superior to the unwashed masses in what they refer to as fly over country. They think the rest of us are ignorant flat-earthers that need their omnipotent guidance. If only the majority of Americans could see them for the evil frauds they really are. But I truly believe we are in the infancy of another Great Awakening and that our best days are still yet to come. It won’t happen in one or two elections, but with tireless effort and patience we can still prevail.


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