We are warned: They are coming. – Tea Party Nation

We are warned: They are coming.

– Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Many Americans ignore what is going on in the Middle East.  While they are horrified by the atrocities of ISIS, they ignore it because after all, Iraq is so far away.


Be warned.  They are coming. There are thousands of foreign fighters, including Americans fighting for ISIS.  And if anyone thinks they are suddenly going to become peaceful little lambs when they return home is simply delusional.


From Breitbart:


The Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) granted approval to a German journalist to live side by side with the jihadist outfit for ten days. He is the first known Western journalist to have been given access to the Islamic State without being executed. He warned that Western perceptions of ISIS are off-base because they are “much stronger and much more dangerous” than we are led to believe, according to Germany’s DW news English translation.

German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer traveled to the ISIS-stronghold city of Mosul, Iraq, accompanied by his cameraman son, who was allowed to film interviews with a number of jihadis.

He revealed that support for ISIS is “an almost ecstatic enthusiasm that I have never encountered in any other war zone,” reverberating Breitbart’s reporting that Sunni-backed resistance to ISIS remains rare.

Todenhofer said that on a daily basis, hundreds of ISIS recruits come to the Middle East from around the world to join the jihad. He warned that ISIS was now plotting “the biggest religious cleansing in history.”

He was very much aware of the fate suffered by American journalist James Foley, whom the Islamic State beheaded several months ago. “Of course, I have seen the terrible, brutal video and it was one of my main concerns during the negotiations as to how I can avoid [the same end],” stated Todenhofer. He said that he slept alongside the ISIS militants in makeshift military installations created from “the shells of bombed-out houses.”



Unfortunately for America, we have a President who is cheering for the enemy.  Barack Obama is doing everything in his power to help ISIS.


ISIS needs to be destroyed by the American military while we still can.


But for that we need leadership and America’s leadership is cheering for the enemy. 


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