Palestinians desire only true Islamic “peace” with Jews.


Palestinians are Islamic and Islam is the religion of peace. Don’t forget it, unless you are a hateful Islamophobe and look forward to being murdered.

A You Tube copy of a heart-warming Palestinian instructional video on how to achieve blessed Islamic peace with Jewish oppressors is embedded a few paragraphs below. The video has “gone viral” in the Palestinian social media.

The 1 minute and 13 second-video, as seen below, shows the “teacher” calmly walking up to a “victim,” stabbing him, and walking away.

One of the tactics appears to imitate the Islamic State method of beheading.

The guide to killing Jews teaches that after stabbing the victim, the knife should be twisted to maximize wounds and cause death.

To put the video in proper perspective, here’s an excerpt from Imam Obama’s October 3, 2014 Eid al-Adha greeting to Muslims around the world:

As our Muslim neighbors and friends gather for Eid celebrations, Muslim Americans…

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