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Real Americans, Step Up – Tea Party Nation. Posted by Robert E. Kelly A young black man, Ismaaiyl Brinsley recently approached the cruiser of two policemen, pulled his gun, and assassinated them.  His motivation?  He disagreed with legal decisions that involved the deaths of two young blacks, Eric Garner and Michael Brown.       Enough!  The time has arrived for an organized movement against the leaders of the African-American organization, from Obama to Sharpton.  Their twisted propaganda has poisoned the minds of millions of young American blacks, not to speak of the impact it has had on the minds of blacks around the globe.  This must stop.  Now!      President Obama subtly attempts to add to the potential power of this anti-Americanism by adding to the inaccurate label he and others have affixed to the entire black population (African-Americans), the even more expansive name: “people of color.”  All “people of color,” he infers, are threatened by white America because it is inherently racist.  If Obama succeeds in selling this fable, the “black problem” in America could evolve into a world war of all races against whites.   Obama seeks more sensitivity training for police.  With such remarks, he implies that cops are responsible for white-on-black violence.  He casually observes – as if it were a fact that demands no proof — that white Americans have always been racists.   He’s wrong.  Hard evidence to the contrary abounds.  But he’s right that a conversation about violence on the streets is needed.   Not because cops need sensitivity training; but black culture does, including its leadership.  It produces the environment of lawlessness that policemen must contend with every hour, of every day, of every week when they go to work.     The African-American movement is the antithesis of Rev. Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights campaigns.  As fast as the young blacks who absorbed King’s message have slid into American society since the 1960’s, a significant slice of them didn’t, because they bought the African-American message of racism, which has been unremittingly hurled at Americans.    The result, after 50 years of trying to appease militant blacks, is two black Americas: 1) Upper income, one of the fastest growing groups in the economy (about 60 percent of all blacks); 2) Lower income, who have lost some ground in recent years.  The latter group provides most of the blacks who riot on call, for any reason, legitimate or illegitimate.  Who is in the group?  Mostly, the unemployed, assisted by paid revolutionaries and empty-headed kids.    Black families with a husband and wife, have 8 percent unemployment; with young kids, it goes up to 11percent; if there’s no husband, it’s 40 percent; no husband, with young kids, 48 percent.  The major reason for black unemployment is directly related to the deterioration of morals in the black community, and the destruction of the black family.    Now let’s add another characteristic of the black society.  About 65 percent of black males flunk out of college.  High school diplomas they earn in public schools are meaningless.  Most blacks (and many others) who graduate from public high schools are nearly illiterate.  This is a crime against blacks that Obama endorses because of his opposition to charter schools, and his general support of teachers’ unions.        There’s more.  Ninety-three percent of murdered blacks in the last 30 years were killed by other blacks; black male teenagers are nine times more likely to commit murder than whites; in 2011, blacks committed 50 percent of all murders — they represent only 14 percent of the population. Should anyone be surprised that blacks are the dominant group in the nation’s prisons?    On the other hand, in the last 50 years, killings of blacks by police have dropped 50 percent – only 123 were killed in 2011. Truth is, when cops enter a black neighborhood, they enter a jungle.  And that’s what Obama’s “conversation” should be about – the jungle.    There are bad cops.  But most do their jobs commendably.  And a very dangerous job it is – over 50 thousand were assaulted last year; 15 were ambushed and killed, like the two in New York.   So what must be done?  Real-American leaders must attack, or the nation will be humbled beyond recognition by loud-mouthed, unscrupulous speech-makers, including Obama.         America’s history of benevolence must henceforth be sold by Real-Americans of all races, colors and creeds in four ways: 1) Debate and expose African-American leaders on every issue; rigidly enforce laws dealing with protests; 2) verify that America’s schools portray the nation truthfully, and that Real-Americans flood the media with fact-based information about America; 3) allow all students the private/charter school option; 4) invigorate bible-based black churches.  African-American leaders have had their fun for decades.  It’s time for Real-Americans to put on the gloves. 


Robert Kelly, author of several books on baseball and history/politics, is also a freelance, award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in many newspapers.  His latest books, The National Debt of the United States and Neck and Neck to the White House, are available at Amazon and the better bookstores. His e-mail address is


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