Chilling Threats to Kill Cops On New Year’s Eve


Violence against police officers continues to escalate

Paul Joseph Watson

As instances of violence against police officers across the country escalate, chilling warnings about plans to kill cops on New Year’s Eve continue to emerge.

A message scrawled on a bathroom wall at a Kum-and-Go gas station in Arkansas states, “A cop will be killed New Year’s night in Rogers, AR.”

Rogers police Officer Keith Foster said the department was not aware of any specific threat but would be on alert after the warning.

In a separate incident, a Ferguson protester also tweeted “F*ck 12 and u. PICK A sidE or die with em. #Ferguson #VonderritMyers Shawtown 211MOB New Years Eve Massacre Kill A Pig Night 12/31/2014.”

As we previously reported, Michael Brown supporters voiced their desire to see Officer Darren Wilson…

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