LA Times Absurdity: The ‘Enemy Within’ Is Cultivated by Fedgov Gridlock

 We never heard anyone say, “Gee, I’m so frustrated over the lack of laws being passed that I hope a dictator comes along and passes more of them.”

Gridlock in Washington, District of Criminals is a very good thing. — jtl, 419

STAFF NEWS & ANALYSIS from The Daily Bell

Op-Ed America needs to study the enemy within … U.S. politicians are unwilling to compromise, and restraints on voting rights are eroding democracy … The only real threat to American democracy comes from Americans themselves. – LA Times

Dominant Social Theme: Libertarians may precipitate a US fascist dictatorship.

Free-Market Analysis: This article presents the idea that people are going to get so fed up with do-nothing politicians – hamstrung by gridlock – that they will rise up and demand a dictatorship.

The logic fails to convince us, though the article is penned by an award-winning professor. Jared Diamond, we learn…

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