Israel and Syria and truth

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WND is beginning to look like a mole inside the “conservative” side of the American conversation following the directed history narrative:

Biden saying Turkey is helping ISIS is a blatant example of pot and kettle. All the radical Islamist arms and men that the United States and its CIA poured into Syria from all parts of Muslim lands and even non-Muslim lands, of course went into building up an enemy we know as ISIS today.

When the sleeping American body politic roared against bombing Syria and helping those radical Islamists slaughter Christians, the war machine decided to run out ahead of them and make those radical elements into the new enemy. And in consistent Orwellian fashion, instead of saying the US rulership changed sides in a matter of days, they said these are the “terrorist” factions we’ve always been against. A reborn “offshoot” of al Qaeda.

So finally D…

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