Greasy Charlie Rangel uses Police Brutality to Troll for 2016 Campaign Donations

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Less than two months ago, Harlem Congressman, Charles Rangel, announced that he would retire at the conclusion of his 23rd term in 2016 in the 114th Congress. However, greasy Chuck has obviously had a change of heart since the mid-term 2014 elections, which explains an email Rangel dispatched in December trolling for donations towards his 2016 re-election campaign.

Rangel never one to shy away from propaganda and the race card goes so far as to invoke claims of alleged police brutality and the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

The Daily Signal

Rangel, the veteran Harlem congressman, barely eked out an electoral victory this year in part by vowing to retire in 2016.

But citing the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of police, Rangel earlier this month asked supporters to pony up for another electoral bid….

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See email below:

Charles Rangel Email Uses Police Brutality to Poll for dollars for re-election campaign Screen-Shot-2014-12-29-at-10.22.24-P-650x1024 002


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