Obama and Russia – He never catches on??

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 Let’s reflect on a post last year since Obama continues to prostrate himself before Putin for what reason we can only speculate. Even bringing in the old war-horse Kissinger.The latest revelation concerning Sony and the willingness of the FBI to claim it was North Korea is now getting a second look. It looks more likely it was Russia that was the culprit at the least and perhaps with someone on the inside of Sony. So let us take a look at a post last year at our good friend Russia. From Russia with love. Thanks for the memories.

August 28, 2014

The FBI is investigating whether Russian hackers staged a cyber-attack on major Wall Street businesses this month in retaliation for US sanctions imposed over Ukraine,Bloomberg Newsreported last night.

The Russian hackers allegedly stole large amounts of sensitive data from JP Morgan Chase and at least one other…

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