Liberalism as a death cult – Tea Party Nation

Liberalism as a death cult – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on January 4, 2015

Liberalism has been described as a mental illness.  That is so true.


It is also a death cult. 


It wants to die. It not only wants liberals to die, it wants everyone to die.  What can you say of an ideology that embraces both abortion and euthanasia?  What can you say of a cult that wants to embrace and assist groups who openly declare their desire to destroy Western Civilization and enslave billions of people?


The latest insanity from the left would do nothing less than bring down civilization as we know it.  It would reduce us from one of the leading economies in the world and bring us down to a level below that of North Korea.  If the left were to succeed in its latest lunacy, Afghanistan would look like a first world nation compared to where we would be.


The left’s latest lunatic idea is divestment of fossil fuel stocks.


The radical left wants colleges and universities, as well as churches, retirement systems and other groups to sell stock they hold in companies that produce fossil fuels such as coal and oil.


The ultimate goal of the divestment strategy is not simply to have these organizations sell any stock they hold in fossil fuel companies.  The goal is to destroy the fossil fuel sector of the economy.


Thinking has never been the strong suite of liberals and most of them don’t even think through this idea. They believe somehow that if fossil fuels are wiped out, “Green” energy will magically appear and take its place.


First, they ignore the fact there is no green energy sector.  It simply doesn’t exist.


But what happens if they succeed and destroy the fossil fuels industry?


The obvious, immediate casualty is the American car.  What will happen to the millions of cars that require petroleum products not only for fuel but for lubrication as well?  What about airlines?  What will happen to all of those jets?  They need petroleum products to fly?  How will Hollywood liberals and fat Al Gore get around if they can’t get on their private jets?  Oh the horror of Al Gore being forced to walk!


What about the Americans?  Most Americans believe they have a constitutional right to food on demand.  Most Americans have never known a situation where they could not walk over to the refrigerator or down to a fast food store to get what they wanted.



With out petroleum products, the food supply chain in America would collapse.


America has a massive power grid.  Most of the power is generated with oil, gas, coal or nuclear.  What will happen if these suicidal liberals win? 


The power grid would mostly be gone.  America would be like a third world nation where power is only available a few hours a day.  How will Democrats recharge their Obamaphones?


There is a much more serious problem.  There are areas that have very cold winters and oil is used to heat homes.  If you leave the American sector and go to places like Massachusetts or Vermont, heating oil is a matter of life and death.


If these fools actually succeed in their plan to destroy the fossil fuels industry, not only would it reduce America to absolute poverty, it would kill millions of Americans.


There is a famous satellite photo of the Korean peninsula.   It shows well lit cities in South Korea and it shows well lit cities in China.  But in the space that is North Korea, there is simply blackness.


If these liberal fools have their way, that photo would be repeated in North America.  There would be well lit Mexican cities and well lit Canadian cities.  There would simply be a black hole where the United States sits.


Most liberals have not thought that one out.  There are a few that have and they seriously want this goal.


Either way, liberalism remains a death cult. And this is simply more proof that liberals should not be allowed to decide anything more significant than which pair of socks they should wear.


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