The Religion of Peace at work again – Tea Party Nation

The Religion of Peace at work again – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

This morning, America awoke to the news of a horrifying attack in Paris.  Twelve people were killed in the attack.  By the standards of Islamic terrorism, that’s not a lot of people.  ISIS does that every few minutes.


This terror attack should scare the hell out of everyone in the West, not because of the death toll, which is bad enough.  The target should worry everyone.


From the Washington Times:

At least 12 were killed in a terrorist attack at a Paris newspaper known for taking satirical shots at the prophet Mohammed early Wednesday morning.

Among the killed were 10 newspaper staffers and two police officers, Fox News reported.

France President Francois Hollande is terming the attack — carried out by two men wearing masks and carting Kalashnikovs and a rocket launcher — an act of terror, Fox News reported.

Mr. Francois also said intelligence had thwarted and halted a number of terrorist plots in recent weeks, The Guardian reported.

His statement: “[France has experienced] an exceptional act of barbarism committed against a newspaper,” The Guardian said. He added that Paris was in “shock” and vowed to “fight these threats” and “punish the attackers.”

The city has gone on high alert, The Guardian reported.

Gunmen attacked the Paris offices of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper — the same publication that was firebombed years ago after printing a cartoon that poked fun at the Muslim prophet, Mohammed.

Benoit Bringer, a witness to Wednesday’s attack, told a media outlet in France: “Two black-hooded men entered the building with Kalashnikovs. A few minutes later, we heard lots of shots.”

National Review Online, meanwhile, reported tweets from witnesses, with one writing: “Several men in black cajoles were heard to shout ‘the Prophet has been avenged.’ “

Like all tyrannies, Islam cannot stand any dissent.  This attack was more than just an attack on a publication that had run satirical images of Mohammad.  It was also a warning to the free press in France and Europe.  If you publish something the Islamists don’t like, this is what will happen.


Some publications have wondered how France, European leaders and even Barack Obama will react.


Who cares?


How about how so-called Islamic leaders will react?  So far not a single one has denounced the attack or the killing of the cartoonists.  None has stood to defend their right of free expression.


This was more than just a terrorist attack. This was an attack on one of the core values of western civilization.  The death of twelve people his terrible.  What may be worse is the fact that the west has no leader willing to stand up to this terrorism.


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