Inside the left’s plan to destroy the 2nd Amendment. – Tea Party Nation

Inside the left’s plan to destroy the 2nd Amendment. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips



Liberals are wrong on so many things. In fact, they are wrong on almost everything. 




For decades the left has made war on freedom and liberty.  One of the centerpieces of their assault on liberty is their desire to destroy the right to keep and bear arms.  In the 60’s and 70’s, the left made a full frontal assault on the Second Amendment. 




After losing badly, they decided they needed another strategy to destroy the Second Amendment.




Now they have one.




What is it?




From Fox News:




Mike Schuetz operates a small gun shop in northern Wisconsin called Hawkins Guns. In November, just before one of his peak selling times, his local credit union notified him his account needed to be closed. 


“The bank manager said they made a mistake, and they were not supposed to open accounts for those people involved in high-risk industries, which the gun industry and ammunition industry is one of those,” Schuetz said. 


It turned out there was a list created by a Justice Department program called Operation Choke Point. The list equates legal gun sellers like Schuetz with escort services, Ponzi schemes, people who sell cable TV de-scramblers — and at least 30 other industries. 


The program, which is facing tough questions in Congress, intimidates banks with the threat of heightened scrutiny and increased audits if accounts are maintained in those industries. 


Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., said Operation Choke Point began as a means of combating fraudulent businesses — but evolved into an arbitrary list of businesses targeted by bureaucrats in the DOJ and banking regulators purely on moral grounds, backed by no legislation 


“What they’ve done is they put short-term lenders out of business, gun dealers out of business, ammunition manufacturers out of business. Because in America, if you can’t bank, you can’t do business,” Duffy said. 


In northern Wisconsin, Schuetz became suspicious that something strange was happening after his issue with the local credit union. So he concealed an audio recorder and visited his credit union. 


A manager and then a regional manager told Schuetz the credit union wanted his business, but he had indeed been placed on a list of “high risk” industries. 


“We’re really not anti-gun as a company but our hands are tied, and I feel horrible about this. I didn’t sleep last night,” regional manager Troy Ewer said. 


Fox News found several more businesses — from payment processors to ammunition dealers to pawn shop owners to short-term lenders — who all had their bank accounts closed. In response to an inquiry from Fox News, a spokesman for the DOJ wrote, “We do not target businesses operating within the bounds of the law, and we have no interest in pursuing or discouraging lawful conduct.” 


Duffy said, “That’s a bald-faced lie.” 


Fox News was provided a DOJ memo in reference to short-term or payday lenders that seems to suggest an indifference to harming legal businesses. “Although we recognize the possibility that banks may have therefore decided to stop doing business with legitimate lenders, we do not believe that such decisions should alter our investigative plans,” Michael Blume, director of the department’s Consumer Protection Branch, wrote. 


Brian Wise, with the U.S. Consumer Coalition, says there are hundreds and even thousands of businesses across the nation who have had bank accounts closed, and they may not even know their bank was intimidated by Operation Choke Point. “This is one of the greatest abuses of power that the country has never heard of,” Wise said. 




The strategy is simple.  They don’t have to repeal the Second Amendment.  All they have to do is destroy the businesses that manufacture and sell firearms.




That was the real reason behind “Operation Chokepoint.”




The question is what are the Republicans going to do about it?  The GOP allegedly strongly supports the Second Amendment.  The word allegedly has to be used as with all Republican principles, they seem to be negotiable.




What needs to happen?




First, these gun dealers need to get together and sue every official they can find who had anything to do with Operation Chokepoint.  While government officials have a qualified immunity for their policy decisions, this was more than a policy decision.  This was a deliberate attempt to drive lawful businesses out of business just because the Regime did not like the business.




Assuming we can get a conservative elected President in 2016, one of the first tasks he or she should take on is having the Department of Justice investigate everyone who was involved in Operation Chokepoint and indict them.



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