Jeanine Pirro: “We’re Not Winning The War On Terror”

Nice Deb

Jeane Pirro took the opportunity to blast the president’s “strategy” for the global war on terror, starting with his insistence on emptying Gitmo at a time when Islamic terrorism is on the rise and replenishing the enemy.

“ISIS is bigger, richer, and more determined than it’s ever been,” Pirro lamented.

“I believe that without the will to destroy the enemy, without the purpose of winning at all costs, we simply cannot and will not succeed.”

Pirro listed off an impressive array of unfortunate policies that have been adopted by the Obama Regime.

“We don’t win by returning the enemy to the battlefield,” she began. “We don’t win by failing to identify the enemy, or by cutting back the military to pre-WWII levels, we don’t win by removing the word Islamic from extremist in White House talking points, we don’t win by apologizing for Americans who simply expressed their First Amendment…

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