Oliver North: “The Israeli People Are Quite Fed Up With Mr. Obama” (Video)

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Megyn Kelly had Lt. Col. Oliver North on the Kelly File Thursday night to talk about the recent military strikes by Iran-sponsored Hezbollah on the Lebanon/Israel border.

North, who is currently in Israel, and witnessed the attacks said, “Israel has been under siege from Hamas in the South and Hezbollah in the North.”

And while all that has been going on, North continued, there was “this tiff going on in Washington” regarding Netanyahu speaking before Congress.

“Obama is acting like a petulant child,” he declared. “He’s detached from the reality of what’s going on on the border –  with Hamas, with Hezbollah.”

North noted that Netanyahu “is focused on the threat that is posed by the possibility and now even the likelihood of an Iranian nuclear weapon.”

Asked if the Israeli people care about what Obama thinks, North answered, “I think the Israeli people are quite fed up with Mr. Obama…

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