TSA to Require “Real-ID Compliant Licenses” for Domestic Air Travel in 2016

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Tyranny Alert: Beginning in 2016, the TSA will require that travelers (age 18 and over) present a “Real ID compliant license” aka enhanced driver’s license (also referred to as a “DHS-designated enhanced driver’s license.”) in order board domestic flights or enter federal buildings where ID is required without showing a passport or other documentation.”

BeFunky_sample nevada driver's license v real id compliant license edited.jpg

Real ID compliant licenses will differ from regular driver’s licenses, which will be marked “Not for Federal Use.”

The Real ID compliant licenses will have a gold star in the upper right hand corner and contain biometric security features such as a front-facing digital photograph of the passenger’s face, which is ultimately used with a facial recognition database.” (What are the odds that this has become an undertaking by the government to designate the “good sheep” from the “bad sheep?”)

Use of a passport remains…

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