Dad banned from government school buildings after opting daughter out of state tests

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The father of a Northwest Local School District third-grader isn’t allowed in his daughter’s school. Eric Buwala has been banned from all school property. He can’t attend school functions if they’re in district-owned buildings, talk to his daughter’s teachers or see his child off on field trips at a school.

What did Buwala do to get himself ousted? The father of a 9-year old who has had extreme anxiety over taking state tests has been in a relentless wrestling match with the school district to allow his daughter to be exempt from some of the exams.

District officials said they tried to work with Buwala and satisfy his concerns, but their efforts never appeased the dad. The escalating situation had to be stopped, said Superintendent Mike Shreffler. So he banned Buwala from coming on district property or speaking with staff.

Eric Buwala said if the district doesn’t restore his rights…

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