Muslim Man Fakes the Hate: Arrested for Bomb Threats Against Austin TX Muslim Center (Video)

Nice Deb


This must have totally blindsided DHS. Because the biggest terror threat in the country is supposed to be this “right-wing” Sovereign Citizen Movement. No doubt they were on the lookout for Gadsden flag waving, bible-quoting “patriots.”  But no….


A Muslim man in Austin, TX is being accused of faking a hate crime against the Muslim Community Center where he was staying.

According to the Austin Police Department, 54-year-old Azzam Ahmed Baytie made two bomb threats at a North Austin Muslim Community Center and a Middle Eastern-style food truck near the Arab Cowboy Cafe and Hookah Lounge. The community center is in North Austin, and the cafe is located in West Campus.

Staff at the community center called Austin-Travis County EMS just after 7 a.m. Tuesday. They said the man had some kind of medical issue, possibly psychiatric problems.

He is being charged with terroristic threat, a third-degree…

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