Have a helping of the Religion of Peace

Vermont Loon Watch

RoP 01Just don’t turn your back when welcoming them. They have a nasty habit of playing rough with those with whom they disagree. Like girls attending school, they don’t need brains.
RoP 03 In fact, females don’t have much to say about anything. In the Saudi Kingdom, women driving a car are subject to arrest. Perhaps that cuts down on traffic accidents although there isn’t much evidence to prove that item. Women do have their own mode of transport. How nice!RoP 05In this Country we have some classic fools that believe we torture and abase Muslims. They point to Abu Garaib as proof. If the individuals tortured were really put to the rack and screws, they made a remarkable recovery. Do you wonder if this individual recovered?RoP 02Perhaps with some minor scars or a blister or two?

Some Countries are having second thoughts about their open borders and the number of Muslims entering…

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