67 Morons Condemn Donald Trump

Cry and Howl

Isn’t it curious that liberals buy into lies and then promote them in an effort to gain any advantage in furthering the decline of America? Ever since Donald Trump said that many illegal aliens crossing the southern border into America are rapists, murderers and drug peddlers, the left has predictably come out with the usual ‘hater’ ‘racist’ ‘bigot’ nonsense against him. The ignorance or lack of intellectually grasping basic word comprehension is stunning. I’ll put it this way, they are either willfully ignorant, or stupid or they are genuinely dishonest. I read an article over at refinery29.com entitled, 67 Latino Leaders Band Together To Condemn Donald Trump

Sixty-seven prominent Latino artists, scientists and other public figures have banded together to write a seething declaration criticizing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Among the signees of the letter — originally published in Spanish on Univision — are Alejandro González Iñárritu, director of the Best Picture winner Birdman

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