Obama Declares December As National Muslim Appreciation Month

Cry and Howl

I’ve lived quite a long time and every year I’ve celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ on the Federally designated holiday month of December. This is a U.S. national holiday. A paid day-off, if you will, so that folks can celebrate the birth of the person whose life has brought joy, strength, peace, hope and love to multitudes of millions of people far and above anyone else who has lived.

Barack Obama, a guy (I think) has claimed to be a Christian ever since he campaigned back in 2008. You can read any left-wing rag and every one of them supports vigorously that claim. Kind of weird seeing liberals love him so much, yet hate anything Christian. Also, to use the phrase the left often uses, “there’s no evidence” at all that Barack is a Christian.  There is a mountain of evidence to the contrary though. His words and deeds…

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