College: The Good Old Days

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I remember college. I remember graduate school too. Lest anyone accuse me of touting anything I didn’t earn, I do not have a graduate degree, but am not far from the requisite number of credits. Unfortunately, in Texas, a graduate degree is worth only about another $1000 dollars of salary per year, and I make far more than that with my singing and writing pursuits, so I doubt I’ll be picking up that masters anytime soon.

I was a non-traditional student, determined to earn a degree in education as quickly as I could. I took overloads every semester, always 21-22 credits, and finished in 2.5 years. In that, I was a bit unusual, but by no means a pioneer.

In fact, virtually everyone in college those days was there to earn a degree, and was focused on doing whatever was necessary to achieve that goal. We didn’t…

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