Sandy Hook Shooting … Still a fraud three years later

Cry and Howl

It’s the third anniversary of the alleged shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Allegedly 20 children and 6 adults were gunned down by one guy in a matter of minutes at the elementary school. One side note here is if that guy managed to kill 26 people why did two shooters with similar weapons manage to kill only 14 people in a building just as crowded with folks in San Bernardino a week or so ago?

Well, maybe because the shooting at Sandy Hook never happened, and no one was killed … I’m going to skip the opening paragraphs to an article and post some of the unanswered questions. If anyone has seen any of the videos of the actors playing ‘grieving’ parents it’s easy to see these folks are frauds.

Via: Activist Post

33 Unanswered Questions on Sandy Hook’s 3rd Anniversary

Sandy Hook: Foreknowledge and Preparation

1. Why was…

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