UN Report Calls for a Global Tax


Socialism is not the Answer

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Independent Sentinel

A UN panel on humanitarian assistance has called for a global tax to support UN activities. The proposal will be discussed at the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit at Istanbul this May.“

The UN is bucking for an independent source of income to support their socialist agenda.

They receive voluntary contributions from member states but they now have the support of globalists everywhere for a global tax and that includes the United States and it is despite their many scandals, most notably the Oil-for-Food scandal.

We could now have unelected communist and socialist agencies determining our every move.

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4 Responses to UN Report Calls for a Global Tax

  1. An Ohio Voice says:

    I’m sure Obama will just love to have another taxing authority on the American public.

  2. The precursor to a one world government stakes another claim. Doesn’t surprise me that our Regime supports this travesty.

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