Who said you’re worth $15/hr?

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California just passed the law mandating a minimum wage of %15/r. It’s %10.50 now, goes to $11 in 2018, then up $1.00/hr per year until 2022. here’s the Government telling businesses what an employee is worth, not what the job is worth to the employer. For those Progressives that like it, let them pay it.

There is another side to this which hasn’t been explored, YET. This will show up after the first few paychecks are in the workers’ hands.

But first, let us look at what $15/hr really is.

It is in a 40 hour week-$600/wk or $31,200 per year. Thanks to ObamaCare, there are very few 40 hours/week jobs left. Most are part-time somewhere between 20 hours and 29 hours/week That works out to $300 to $435 per week. Sounds good right?

From that $435, deduct Federal and state taxes, however small those amounts may be, unions…

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