Watch The Democrat National Convention? I’d rather drink a gallon of bleach.

Cry and Howl

Sorry folks, I can’t bring myself to watch the Democrat National Convention. I mean we’ve been treated to eight years of blatant lies and destruction and I’m not in the mood for another minute. I listened to Rush for a little while yesterday while he pointed out how the media and pundits were going ballistic over Trump’s suggestion that Russia might have Hillary 30,000 missing emails. The usual phony conservatives joining in with the major media in saying that Trump wants more spying on the U.S. by Russia and other such nonsense. For one … SOOPERMEXICAN posted a short video of Trump calling on Russia to expose what they have on Hillary. I used to like ol’ SOOPER until I realized he’s probably just another expired green card looking for amnesty. He naturally left out the first part of Trump’s news conference in which Trump suggested that if the Russians…

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