The Clinton Media’s Manufactured Reality


By:    Ilana Mercer

The Clinton Media’s Manufactured Reality

The Clinton Media have gone from malfunctioning to mad, from “dishonest” to deranged. Their coverage of the 2016 election is no longer tinged by liberal bias, but is about moving viewers and readers into a parallel universe, an alternate reality of the media’s making.

The media monolith’s latest imbecility is to offer effusive plaudits for their candidate, Hillary, because this life-long politician whose ill-gotten gains have come via the political means, not the private productive means, has released her tax returns for 2015.

This is something Donald Trump has yet to do—for the candidate is under audit and has been advised to refrain from doing anything that’ll give the most corrupt and dangerous of government agencies a lien on his assets—or liberty, for that matter.

Befitting an arm of our technocratic managerial state—the Internal Revenue Service regularly criminalizes the actions of “non-compliant” victims, even when the alleged…

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