On Sept 30, 2016 our internet will be transferred. Unless you say No.

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Internet Globalization AgendaMissouri Education Watchdog by Cheri Kiesecker

ith so much media attention drawn to other events, you may not know that on Sept. 30, 2016 the United States is set to hand over control of US internet to global authority.  It’s complicated. There are reasons to not privatize the internet, not allow global control; yet there are reasons to remove the US stronghold of the internet after revelations of abuse and US surveillance.   However, because the general public has not sufficiently been informed, because there appear to be back room deals and because the internet is SO important economically, socially, globally, in every sector, we think this transfer of US internet control should not happen quietly and should not happen during an election year when the public is not aware, not fully apprised of its impact. Importantly, there is no guarantee of internet freedom of speech, privacy and security written into this transfer.

The transfer of…

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  1. Thanks; I was redirected twice – I went to the source; you might want to edit the post to show these gov’t links to halt this excrement:

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