How Obama lies about terrorism in order to justify closing Guantanamo prison


Is Barack Obama focused on protecting the American people? Is Barack Obama focused on protecting the American people?

How do you close a prison that contains senior terrorists who were captured on the battlefield while trying to kill American soldiers?

You have to lie to the American people, that’s how.

Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard explains:

Almost seven years later, much to Obama’s frustration, the facility remained open. Closing it had proved much more challenging than Obama had theorized as a candidate trying to win an election and a new president acting on his idealism. It turned out that the jihadists who remained in Guantánamo were there for a reason. Many of them were truly, as the cliché had it, “the worst of the worst.” Al Qaeda leaders, top Taliban officials, the men who planned the 9/11 attacks, veteran jihadists caught plotting follow-on attacks on U.S. interests, and even those al Qaeda operatives believed to be charged with…

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