Trump has never sexually harassed a woman unlike the Clintons

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Trump is guilty of being a man.  The Clintons are guilty of rape, corruption, and other crimes.  Liberals say Trump should be executed for his words, but praise Bill and Hillary for corrupting justice.

Donald Trump is seventy years old and has been in the public eye for most of it.  In all that time not a single woman has ever come forward to say Trump acted sexually inappropriate with her in any way, unlike Hillary Clinton who had her husband accused of sexually harassing, molesting, and even raping women.  But because he was Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States, she made certain the Attorneys General brought no charges against him.  Liberals say this is proof of innocence when it is proof of corruption.

Trump press conference with Clinton’s victims

No doubt after Trump denied ever molesting women in the second debate and humiliated Hillary by bringing…

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