Hussein Obama Picking Fights with the President-Elect Already

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We already knew that the malignant narcissist would not go quietly in the night even after 50% of the nation repudiated his policies so comes it as no surprise that Barack Obama is making every effort to undermine, president-elect Donald Trump before Trump is inaugurated.

Moreover, taking Barry Soetero’s behavioral patterns of the past several years into account when trying to shove an agenda down the throats of Americans, it is obvious that the Obama the monarch has called upon his minions, correction red army to converge upon the streets of America to do as much damage as possible in the coming weeks.

Remember how Barack Obama sought vengeance after losing the debate on the Second Amendment which he linked to the Newtown School shootings years ago? This is no different. Obama will use every second 24/7 between now and January 20, 2017 to undermine the president-elect because that is…

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