Squealing Lefties

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Once more those who have had their desires annulled by the more astute middle America are now having a hissy fit. The self described important ones wish to make a statement, one that THEY think holds some meaning.
Back when Fool #44 had any power, they were demanding that people violate their beliefs abetted by bad law. With the change at the top, these gilded lilies are worrying that they may be forced to bend in likewise fashion. Pardon the pun.


Designer Announces She Won’t Work With Melania Trump

Sophie Theallet, a designer who has dressed Michelle Obama during her time as First Lady, published an open letter on Twitter announcing that she will refuse to work with Melania Trump. Theallet said that she will not associate with her due to Donald Trump’s “rhetoric of racism, sexism, and xenophobia” throughout the campaign. Theallet urged other designers to refuse to work…

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