Never-Ending Smart Gun Stupidity

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credit: thenationsgunshow credit: thenationsgunshow

Bad ideas, particularly those dreamed up by progressives, never die. They merely lurk in the shadows, waiting for honest, law-abiding American’s attention to momentarily wander. Such is the case with so-called “smart” guns. Like microstamping, smart guns are a brilliant solution to a nonexistent problem, a solution posed, from time to time, by progressives who must eternally seek to disarm free men, for without such disarmament, they can never achieve their utopian plans. Hillary Clinton named the very people that must be disarmed, the “irredeemable deplorables,” who had the temerity to take offense and deny her the office rightfully hers, because she was female, and most of all, because she was Hillary Clinton and it was her turn.

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