McAfee demolishes Russia did it myth

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“It’s not just flimsy”, or “…propaganda intended to incite the American people to anger against Russia for some reason…”

Or, McAfee said, “our initelligence community is so ignorant and naive that they should all be replaced!”

They [the hackers] “…according to the report used a piece of malware a year and a half old.” Would a sophisticated state agency use an outdated piece of malware and make sure they left tracks all over the place in the target system that were so easy to hide behind modifications and proxy IPs?

SANS and other credible cyber security consultants and educators are laughing at this story for the gullible. It is meant for political science and minority studies students and for people who get their education on computer hacking from movies, who do not know this stuff.

This has all the attributes of a psy-war campaign against the citizens of the…

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