Republicans Can’t Be Trusted with Tax Reform

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Fundamental tax reform such as a flat tax should accomplish three big goals.

The good news is that almost all Republicans believe in the first two goals and at least pay lip services to the third goal.

The bad news is that they nonetheless can’t be trusted with tax reform.

Here’s why. Major tax reform is based on the assumption that achieving the first two goals will lower tax revenue and achieving the third goal will generate tax revenue. A reform plan doesn’t have to be “revenue neutral,” of course, but politicians would be very reluctant to vote for a package that substantially reduced tax revenue. So serious proposals have revenue-raising provisions that are roughly similar in magnitude…

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2 Responses to Republicans Can’t Be Trusted with Tax Reform

  1. trutherator says:

    As long as we keep in mind that the government *spending* is the source of the problem.

    The Congress critters always say they need to offset the revenue loss of tax reduction, with revenue from somewhere else. No, they don’t!

    That’s why the Norquist guy misses the point. He always talks about “revenue-neutral” tax reform. Away with that!

    Tell them: Thou shalt not steal! Hands out of our pockets!

  2. trutherator says:

    Oh yeah, and END THE FED, because they use “inflation” (I call it “currency devaluation”), and counterfeit money creation, to steal purchasing power from every economic transaction involving U. S. dollars.

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