Revisiting Post-Katrina Gun Confiscations

 The federal agents confiscating weapons were criminals, conducting illegal search and seizures, guilty of theft, assault with deadly weapons, harassment, trespassing, and breaking and entering.  Each and every one of them deserved to die.

And the sad (and telling) thing is that none of them did.

And not for an instant should you think they won’t do it again (and even on a much larger, nation wide, scale)  if given the order. And then, if you don’t already, you will know why there is no such thing as a “good” cop. — jtl, 419

BY Herschel Smith Via, where a robust discussion is occurring over post-Katrina gun confiscations in the comments, comes this bit of history.

THEY didn’t stop serving when hurricane Katrina trashed New Orleans, and they defied looters by turning their bar into a fortress, with a shotgun-wielding transvestite as sentry at the door.


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One Response to Revisiting Post-Katrina Gun Confiscations

  1. trutherator says:

    Maybe the Katrina confiscations were a beta test to see what they could get away with.

    In Ecclesiastes it says because judgment is not executed swiftly for evil works, therefore it is set in the heart of men to do evil.

    They used a federal statute making it a federal crime to deprive a citizen his rights by killing him. Might that apply here?

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