Something else that all our teachers lied to us about.

I lead with a story such as this because what has been happening to the Zuendels is and will continue to happen to Southern historians and cultural warriors. Just as it became illegal, in Germany, to question the official narrative about the 2nd World War, and anything relating to Naziism or the holocaust, now our country has waged an all out war on all things “confederate.” Basically, our nation is attempting to take a 20 year block of history and just make it go away.
Oh but my teachers wouldn’t lie to me. (Sarcasm in case you didn’t notice.) — jtl, 419
via Dixie Heritage
President Donald Trump was met Thursday in Poland by cheering crowd. “Fox & Friends” approvingly noted the enthusiastic response to President Trump’s speech, including chants of “USA.”
Trump praised the Polish spirit after summing up the nation’s horrific experience in World War II as “trouble”…

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