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Climate Change: The Biggest Hoax and Land Grab in History

By: Robert Darby

All the talk today is about Climate Change and how it will change our world, when in fact Climate Change is nothing more than a big hoax and one of the biggest land grabs in history. The question Democrats, Scientists and most other people are asking is why President Donald Trump pulled out of The Paris Climate Change Agreement.

In fact it has become such a heated discussion that there have been scientists as well as other people that have violently protested over the fact that America has pulled out of it. In reality if a person were to look at it from a more rational point of view they would realize that it is a big sham and one of the most fatalistic thefts in history.

The Paris Climate Change Accord is another way of moving America closer to Socialism (Communism) and America would become a Communist Nation which is what Adolf Hitler tried to achieve during World War II.

The Paris Climate Accord and Agenda 21 are essentially the same thing. Agenda 21 names many horrific changes to America. The Paris Climate Change (Agenda 21) would promote sustainable development for communities to live in harmony with the environment and the United Nation would take control over all property rights in the United States.

Agenda 21 would insure access to all land and households and encourage land to be collectively owned and managed which would replace traditional individual home ownership with collectivism.   It would supposedly benefit the urban and rural poor as well as marginalize and disenfranchise groups but the only thing it would do is to redistribute America’s wealth.


Agenda 21 would depopulate America by forced sterilization, abortion and euthanasia which is what Adolf Hitler did to control the population of Germany during World War II. The Paris Climate Change Accord (Agenda 21) would also re-wild about on half of the United States which would set aside about half of the country as a giant wilderness preserve and humans could not travel there.

Americans would be crammed into super cities where it would be easier to control our every movement. Agenda 21 would subjugate America’s elected leaders at the Federal, State and local levels to the United Nations and its bureaucrats to form a One World Government based at the United Nations. Our elected leaders are not paying attention to Agenda 21but should be.

Americans need to support legislation at the local, state and Federal level to stop its progress in America.   Alabama and Virginia are moving against Agenda 21 in their own legislatures. It is time for the entire Federal Government to reject its anti-American very sever or cruel demands.

There will be no social justice according to the United Nations until people all over the world have access to wealth redistribution thanks to the United States and the United Nations will decide how the wealth will be given out.   (Information cited comes courtesy of The Sovereignty Project)

More Evidence of Debunking Climate Change:

  1. Obama’s Scientists have been taken to court because they have been found guilty of falsifying the numbers for Climate Change. The claim that the polar regions are are getting warmer is not true because in fact they are getting colder.
  2. Climate Change debunked when 8 plus inches of snow accumulated in the Mountains of California.
  3. Even Australia got in the act of debunking Climate Change
  4. Obama fired his scientists for not lying about the CO2 levels
  5. The claim that cats, dogs, horses, pigs and other animals cause Climate Change.

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