For the Snowflakes and other Loons

Vermont Loon Watch

A short dissertation for

the indoctrinated.

Here’s bit of enlightenment for those wishing to erase American history by the light of day or dead of night:

  • If you eliminate every statue on the continent, slavery and the American Civil War will still have happened.
  • If you have minimum wage skills now, taking down statues won’t change that.
  • If you’re up to your ass in college loan debt, exterminating statues won’t change that.
  • The nation will still be $20,000,000,000,000 in debt.
  • We will still be in a global economy.
  • A lunatic will still run North Korea who wants you dead.
  • Radical Islamists will still want you dead.
  • People who hate you now, will still despise you, perhaps even more.
  • Soros, Obama and the Clinton’s will still be sleazy and corrupt and you’ll remain a puppet for them.
  • The Department of Education will still not have educated anyone.
  • There will still be…

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