Can Brazil’s New President Copy the Chilean Miracle?

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Brazil appears to be a tragic example of what happens when societal capital erodes (or never gets established in the first place) and too many people in the country see government as a vehicle for redistribution.

That environment leads to statist policies.

Which presumably helps to explain why Brazil is ranked #144 in Economic Freedom of the World. That’s not as low as some of its neighbors, such as last-place Venezuela (#162) or close-to-last Argentina (#160), but it’s still miserable. The country definitely deserves to be in the “Least Free” group.

Today’s question is whether Brazil also belongs in the “give up hope” group. In other words, has the country passed a “tipping point” of big government?

I’ve previously speculated whether the United States eventually may reach that point, and I definitely think it’s a relevant issue for states like Illinois and nations such as Greece.

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One Response to Can Brazil’s New President Copy the Chilean Miracle?

  1. trutherator says:

    I think Brazil has a chance. One reason I think so is that it is one the places that has a (relative to elsewhere) good number of people who are studying or associated with the Mises Institute there, or at least sympathetic to libertarian thinking.

    The guy who led one of the biggest protests that led to the downfall of the Lula regime was in fact, a libertarian.

    Add to that there is a very great number of evangelicals in the country. I have met some here in Miami.

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