DC’s Swamp Rats Cling to Their Hoax


By:                Michael Reagan

DC's Swamp Rats Cling to Their Hoax

For the Democrats it’s still all about the collusion narrative.

They don’t care that the Mueller Report concluded that Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russians did not cooperate to steal the 2016 election.

President Trump’s crazed enemies in Congress and in the liberal media will never believe Trump won fair and square.

You can give the House committees headed by Democrats Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler two more years of digging around in Trump World for impeachable crimes.

You can give them 800 pages, a thousand pages, ten-thousand more pages of interviews.

You can give them another $30 million to waste on lawyers and investigators.

They won’t find anything, but it won’t matter.

The “Russia collusion” narrative of the Trump Hating Industrial Complex will never die.

The Democrats just “know” that the epic tragedy of Hillary Clinton’s defeat could only…

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