Dallas: Criminal Insanity

Stately McDaniel Manor

What happens when a prosecutor goes over to the dark side?

Dallas DA John Creuzot

Democrats/socialists reflexively support that which harms America, and that which provides them with greater power while diminishing individual rights.  One persistent example is their embrace of criminals, mostly minority criminals, and particularly Black criminals.  They do this not because they love Black people, or Hispanics for that matter.  Recall what happened when President Trump called their bluff?  They were all for sanctuary cities and states, declaring such virtue signaling truly American, but when they might have to actually accept and pay for those illegal immigrants, when illegals could be living in their neighborhoods, they went berserk, calling President Trump un-American for adopting their policy.  Their policies are for everyone else, not them.

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One Response to Dallas: Criminal Insanity

  1. MaddMedic says:

    Amazing..They want to let criminals run wild and let them vote…Plus take our guns away…What could possibly go wrong???

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