Turbine Terror: Truckers Face Life & Death Transporting Giant 60m Wind Turbine Blades


With wind turbine blades pushing 60 metres (197 feet) and weighing in at up to 20 tonnes, those that transport them for a living are dicing with death, on a daily basis.

So far, the wind industry has clocked up 195 fatalities: 122 were wind industry and direct support workers (divers, construction, maintenance, engineers, etc), or small turbine owner/operators and 73 were public fatalities, including workers not directly dependent on the wind industry (eg transport workers). Hundreds of workers have been seriously injured, including transport and construction workers.

The sort of event that places them in mortal peril includes runaway blades during the construction process, as depicted above at French wind power outfit, Engie’s Willogoleche wind farm, Hallett SA.

Here’s another life-and-death moment brought to you by the wind industry, this time the turbine terror takes place in Turkey.

Truck Carrying Huge Blade Of A Newly-built Wind Turbine Overturns…

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