Justice Dept. smacks down lawsuit filed by fired FBI deputy director McCabe: ‘Crimes doesn’t clock out at 5pm’

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

January 25th, 2020

When the final clown round-up is concluded, and President Trump is reelected to his well deserved second term, each of those involved must be treated to a swift justice, which would include a grand jury, when endicted, a trial and when found guilty an appropriate prison sentence.

This would be a joke if it weren’t linked to an attempt to depose a duly elected president.


There will be so many involved that it would seem prudent to clean up Alcatraz so that it could provide suitable housing.

The National Sentinel

By Jon Dougherty

January 25, 2020

Lost in the busy 24-7 news cycle of impeachment, constant Trump hate, and how Republicans are ruining the planet is the story involving a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

You may recall that McCabe of “Spygate” fame was terminated…

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