More Climate Delusion: Plant Life Near Mt. Everest Is Bad

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From the team at CFACT ~

The Climate Delusion’s war on plant life is in full force this month. As CFACT documented this week, the Washington Post argued that global warming is a crisis because it causes more plant abundant plant life. The Post’s rationale was that more plant life elevates pollen levels, which in turn can aggravate allergies. Therefore, according to the Climate Delusion, a world with little or not plant life is good. But it isn’t just the Washington Post making such ridiculous assertions. CNN published a similar article this month claiming that more abundant plant life in the Himalayan region is a crisis, too.

In an article titled, “More plants are growing around Everest – and the consequences could be serious,” ( CNN observes, “Grasses, shrubs and mosses are growing and expanding around Mount Everest and across the Himalayan region as the area continues to…

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