French Resistance: Brewing Rural Revolt Against Great Wind Power Swindle


The hatred of industrial wind turbines being speared across their rural landscape has stirred the renowned French passion for resistance and revolt.

Not so long ago, French renewable energy rent seekers thought they could count on their countrymen’s love of énergie éolienne to provide a social licence to carpet France in these things and to thereby destroy its picture postcard vistas, into the bargain.

Well, that was then, this is now.

Bernard Durand is a French environmentalist, engineer, researcher and naturalist. Durand has written extensively on the growing French opposition to wind power in the past and has pulled it together with the publication of his book: Un vent de folie: L’éolien en France: mensonge et arnaque?” [ Mad as the sea and wind: Wind power in France: a lie and a swindle?]

Unfortunately, Monsieur Durand’s book is yet to be translated into English. However, he gives a reasonable…

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